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By Theodore M Ludwig

Edited by Professor John Hinnells

Second Edition

By Daniel L. Pals

Edited by David B. Gray and Deepak Sarma

Managing Editor Elias Bongmba

An Introduction Through Cases

By Gary E. Kessler

Fourth Edition

By Michael Peterson, William Hasker, Bruce Reichenbach and David Basinger

Edited by Mark C. Taylor

Edited by Willi Braun & Russell McCutcheon

By George D. Chryssides & Ron Geaves

Edited by Mathieu E. Courville

By Val Webb

By Ivan Strenski

Edited by Robert Segal

By Paul Gwynne

Edited by Robert Segal

By Scott G. Brown

By M D Stringer

By Gavin Flood

By Bradley L. Herling

Edited by Peter Connolly

Edited by Nancy K. Frankenberry and Hans H. Penner

Edited by Frances Devlin-Glass and Lyn McCredden

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By Will Deming

By Thomas Dixon

By Timothy Fitzgerald

By Russell T. McCutcheon

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By Richard King

By Dan Cozort

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Edited by Harvey Whitehouse and Robert N. McCauley

By Harvey Whitehouse

Edited by Harvey Whitehouse and James Laidlaw

Second Edition

By Kevin J. Christiano, William H. Swatos, Jr., and Peter Kivisto

By Harvey Whitehouse


This page showcases books pertinent to the discipline of religious studies, as well as reviews of those books if they are available.

Authors of books or reviews are encouraged to keep us informed of their work, and we welcome submissions of published reviews for posting on this site. Less formal reader responses to books and articles may be posted here, depending on their quality.

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